Function Reservation and cancellation:
Check availability of the requested venue, Accept tentative reservations, Provide detailed information for the user to complete the reservation procedure, Provide confirmation to EFP and all appropriate staff. Should there be event cancellation, coordinate with all appropriate staff and send out cancellation notice. Function Set-up/Event Decorations : Outline details of set-up for the function and/or decorations needed for the event; seek approval as necessary, Supervise the handyman for proper installation and removal of furniture and decorations, Ensure that all items are securely in place, Perform function and games room checks on a daily basis to ensure that the room and its equipment are well organized, arranged and safe to use, Report facility usage concerns, and/or maintenance problems to Clubhouse EFP for action (i.e. repair, lightings, AC, equipment problems), Create notice signs should misuse of the facility occur on a continuing basis or to advise guests to discontinue the use of an unsafe area or equipment until the condition can be addressed or equipment repaired, Check COMPANY ID cards of guests and require them to register before facility use. Report any misconduct or misbehavior, Report all security-related concerns, medical, and all other emergencies to security staff, Develop community events/activities/workshops/classes and submit the proposal, Coordinate with colleagues and other departments to facilitate and implement the event, Identify and assess the risk related to the event, existing control measures and the remedial action, Respond to daily emails and telephone enquiries, Manages event registrations and KPI update, Prepare weekly and monthly reports, equipment inventory and event calendar updates.
University degree in Business Administration or equivalent field and 3 year of experience in similar role.  Good communication skills.  Fluent in English and good analytical skills.
Job Title  : Facility Assistant
Provide administrative support, Covering reception as and when required, Support for facilities bookings, Answer telephone calls and emails, Assisting staff/guest for the enquiry classes, activities and events, Doing the checklist and inventory, Filing of necessary documents and perform other duties as required. 
Higher secondary education and 3 year of experience in similar role.  Knowledge of correct English usage, including spelling and grammar; knowledge of Arabic an advantage. Create and maintain customer orientated database information and ability to work independently with general supervision and understand and carry out written and oral instructions. Must have good knowledge of all MS office applications and be fully competent typist. Experience in staff scheduling, payment handling, inventory keeping and creating databases are all essential. Needs to be able to cover shifts and will work 9 hours a day, 6 days a week and be prepared for changing as per approve schedules